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I'm Joel, you might have seen me running around.

We might have talked a little bit.

But if you're new here, let me explain what you just clicked on.


When I was a kid, my father was the senior instructor at the US Army Sniper School at Ft. Benning. He was gone a lot, always instructing or on deployment, and it would have meant a lot to the family at home to have had a way to see him while he was out there doing his thing.

And now, looking back on a career filled with awards and commendations, he realizes how few photos he has to show for the incredible things he was involved in.

Unfortunately, this is common. 

While I can't fix it for everyone, I do what I can now by donating months of my time every year to working on the ground with military organizations specifically to make available high quality photographs to the service members so that they, and more importantly, their families, have that photo, that moment, that memory, to hold on to and remember.

So, I decided to focus on serving those who serve;

Those essential cogs of our society that are too oven overlooked. 

I'm a military brat, and I have previously worked for the Tampa Police Department, as a wildland firefighter in the Pacific Northwest, and as an EMT in New Mexico. This experience provides me much better understanding of your unique situation and needs than most other in my field. 

I've had the pleasure of serving members of numerous branches & divisions of the US military, as well as the militaries of several NATO allies.

Support for these endeavors has come from providing photography services to businesses, adventurers, and of course, people like you. 

I am open for a limited number of bookings each year, with preference given to current & former military, as well as current law enforcement, fire, EMS, teachers, and government workers. 

Portraiture services are also available, as well as coverage of events, ceremonies, deployments, and individual or agency specific needs.


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