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Who am I? 

Experienced, Calm and Confident

My name is Joel.  I am quiet, observant, and unobtrusive in my methods.

I am superior to none, and treat all as piers. 

Honesty is an important part of my creation process, and getting to know the people I'm working with is essential. You can be you and will never receive any judgement.  I create images that reflect you, but may also show you you in a way that you've never seen before

It may seem strange, foreign, or even alien because it's not just you.

It's beautiful. 

Our faces tell many stories, ones of love, war, struggle, and achievement, they are a window into us, just as much as they are our avatar in the world. Our hands tell a story of our toil and interactions, our eyes the deepest look into others, and our bodies the stance being taken. 

Whoever you are, whatever your shape, wherever your from, when you're in front of my lens, you are the most interesting person in the entire world to me, and I make it my life's mission to show you in a way that elevates you. 


There are prettier people you could hire than me. Maybe ones with better portfolios. But I understand being self-conscious. I understand being uncomfortable having your photo taken. I understand the fear of being judged. 

But I am here for you. I provide you with an authentic experience. I am not a sales person, I am a creator and an artist who's greatest desire is to build confidence in and promote the self esteem of others, to serve the underserved, and to become a part of your life during a time that you treasure enough that you want to preserve that memory

This isn't a side hustle, this is my art, and this is my life.

I'm not a big business, I'm an individual who takes pride in my trade and I will do everything in my power to make sure that you are satisfied from start to finish. If there's something wrong, I fix it, or work with you towards a solution. I have been trusted by the US and international militaries, politicians, businesses large and small, and regular every day people. 


Your investment in my services goes beyond benefiting just you, as I use a portion of all proceeds in order to provide volunteer services for select non-profit organizations that would otherwise never be able to afford high quality images and/or coverage. This includes veteran support services such as the Army Sniper Association, humane societies, theaters, and grassroots sports leagues. 

If you're still here, thank you for taking the time.

What I do means a lot to me, and I hope that I can create something that means a lot to you.

Want to talk?

Get in touch here, through my contact page, or via social media. 

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Thanks! I'll be in touch soon!

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