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Event Coverage

You've worked hard putting your event together.

Don't settle for subpar services to remember it by. 

Preparations begin as soon as the contract is signed, with regular communication between myself and the client/vendor, the development of a shooting plan, preparation of galleries and digital services, equipment rentals, location scouting/research, and whatever else may be needed in order to be a prepared as possible. 

During your event, we are completely focused on the assignment and will work primarily off of the plan developed or the priority order previously set, but we will happily gather other images as needed, or when opportunities arise. 

Following the event, images are organized, culled, and developed over the course of days to weeks, with regular customer service being provided to clients, vendors, and/or competitors for as long as is needed. 

Service prices vary depending on the event, with the right options available to ensure you get the kind of coverage you need.

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