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Do you take bookings? 

Absolutely! Please contact us to discuss your options. Please be sure to include as much of the following as possible:

* Your contact information

* Time(s), Date(s), and Location(s) desired, indoor/outdoor, or both, name of venue, if applicable 

* Type of photographs required (event, wedding, portrait, corporate, government, sports, journalistic, art project, fashion, etc.)

* Theme / Style / Type of event (Ex. Political campaign rally, soft pink & blue Beach Wedding, Employee ID photos, boxing match, senior photos for an aspiring cat lady, etc.)

* Intended use (personal, commercial, editorial, marketing, trademark, retail)

* Number of involved participants and anticipated number of attendees / size of the project, as applicable

* Number of hours of coverage needed

* Your budget for the project, and, if applicable your budget and desires for prints

*Any other special considerations or information you feel might be relevant. 

Download Format

Digital downloads are provided in.jpg format in sRGB color profile for maximum device compatability.

How Long until I receive my prints?

Digital options should be available for immediate download. Please note that you may be restricted to 4 downloads from the website for a period of 21 days, after which you may be required to purchase the download(s) again. Please be sure to store your purchased files in a secure location. 

Physical prints orders are reviewed and placed in queue within 48hrs of receipt. Time in production depends on the products purchased with items such as canvas taking 5 business days and paper or metal prints requiring usually about 3-4 business days to be crafted. 
Product default shipping is economy, which will typically require 3-10 days for delivery following completion of the product in lab. Where expedited shipping is offered, we strive for 2-4 days for delivery following the completion of the product in lab.

In general, please allow up to 3 weeks after placing your order for delivery.

***Once orders are placed in the lab queue, they cannot be cancelled. ***

If you place an order by mistake or need items changed, please email us immediately with a subject line reading ORDER CORRECTION

How long are galleries available?

Most galleries are by default available for 60 days with reasonably priced options for the client to extend our hosting of the gallery. Other terms may be agreed upon with clients. 

Do you have other printing or licening options?

We sure do! Just let us know what you're looking for and after we've made a decision together, your selection will be placed in the store as a special order option or you can be directly invoiced.

International Shipping

If you require shipping of prints or physical products outside of the United States, please contact us to make arrangements. International shoppers may always choose a digital download option. 

Can I have the RAWs?

In short, no. RAW files are the modern day version of film negatives and require specialized software and training to handle properly. RAW images are flat, unattractive, informationally dense files, much like an author's unpublished manuscript. Part of what you're paying for is our ability to handle those files and provide you with a finished product. Please rest assured that that one "killer shot" is not being withheld! We take pride in our work and want our clients to be blown away by the finished product. 

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