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The Experience

You're not just hiring someone to take pictures.

You are enlisting an ally to be by your side, a guide to help you navigate, an artist to create lasting memories, and a friend who's always got your back.


What I Don't Do

I don't provide quick, batch edited work with premade filters. 

I don't take forever to return your pictures

I don't set unrealistic expectations

I don't hit you with secret costs or fees

I don't get distracted while working

I don't leave you hanging

I don't disappoint.


What I Offer

I offer the experience, confidence, and courage to get the kind of images that you want.



I start with planning and preparing for the project weeks to months in advance, developing and creating a tailored solution to suit exactly your needs.




I can assist in planning and procuring every aspect of your experience ranging from hair, makeup, or nails for a personal photo shoot to aiding with large scale events and competitions who might want help finding proper venues, vendors, permissions, or planning. 

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