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Welcome to Pearl!

Glass Image Photos was started with a focus on members of our military, but following numerous requests, Glass Image Photos - Pearl services have been added to our offering. 

Pearl, our softer side, provides intimate wedding, portrait, and personal services to the wider community with proceeds going directly to aid in our ability to provide services to the uniformed community. 

Are you worried about the stress of your event cracking your photographer?

Not an issue here, we thrive in high stress situations! 

We are one of the only photography outfits in the country permitted to charge ahead of the firing lines with soldiers in the field, with artillery shaking the earth and machine gun fire rattling the soul. 

We are unshakeable, with uncompromising integrity. 

We are candid, low key, and unobtrusive, so you can just be you while we capture your story. 

You deserve more.

You deserve experience.

You deserve to work with someone who genuinely gives a damn.

Our rates are competitive and our work ethic unmatched.

Bookings are offered to a limited number of clients each year, with preference & special rates offered to current & former military, as well as current law enforcement, fire, EMS, teachers, and government employees.


"Remember the Adventure, Treasure the Memory"


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